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"All Sports" - The Sports

1982 - Mushroom D19229 (US version); Festival RML-53027 (Aus version)
Album cover
    Track Listing:

  1. Boys! (What Did The Detective Say?) 2:27
  2. Walk In The Room* 2:28
  3. Reckless* 4:16
  4. Don't Throw Stones 3:37
  5. Suspicious Minds 3:27
  6. Live Work And Play 2:57
  7. Big Sleep 2:34
  8. Who Listens To The Radio 3:15
  9. Wedding Ring* 2:38
  10. The Lost And The Lonely 3:12
  11. Perhaps 3:19
  12. Strangers On A Train 2:43
  13. Black Stockings (For Chelsea) 3:28
  14. Blue Hearts 4:08
  15. Stop The Baby Talking 3:08
  16. How Come 3:11

    * previously unreleased version, recorded at the Stiff Mobile in London while Sports were on tour with Graham Parker

Text from original All Sports promo sheet:


Sports came bursting into the Melbourne pub/university scene in 1977. Friends put up the money to record an EP "FAIR GAME". Mushroom signed the band in January 1978.

The first single "BOYS (WHAT DID THE DETECTIVES SAY)" was released to an overwhelming public and media response and goes Top 20 nationally. The first album "RECKLESS" produced by Joe Camilleri, wins outstanding reviews, and SPORTS are awarded the Best New Group in the 1978 TV Week Rock Awards.

"It's spirited, accessible and stylishly mannered music..." (The Age)
"This is the most remarkable debut album by an Australian band since Skyhooks" (Rolling Stone)

Interest in strong in England, and Sports sign to the prestigious STIFF label. The band are special guests on the Graham Parker Australian and English tours in 1979.

The next two Sports singles "WHEN YOU WALK IN THE ROOM" and "WHO LISTENS TO THE RADIO" chart well. In February 1979 the "DON'T THROW STONES" album, produced by Englishman Pete Solley, is released. It is still remembered as one of Mushroom's best.

" of the most sophisticated albums made in Australia." (RAM magazine)
"...monumental recording in the annals of Australian rock'n'roll" (JUKE magazine)

The album is almost double gold, is Top 15 nationally and Number 3 in hometown Melbourne. It gives two highly successful singles "DON'T THROW STONES" (Feb.) and "SUSPICIOUS MINDS" (April).

Interest continues to grow overseas, and in Sept. 1979 Michael Gudinski signs Sports to Arista Records for the U.S., Canada and Japan, Sire for the U.K., and Ariola for the rest of the world, for two albums, "Don't Throw Stones" being the first.

"Enter the Sports, armed with a killer undeniable force to be reckoned with" (Record World U.S.)
"This album should establish Sports as a mainstream rock band with a very wide appeal...a first rate debut album." (Record Mirror U.K.)

Sports again tour U.K., Europe and America, where "WHO LISTENS TO THE RADIO" reaches Number 44 on the Billboard singles chart.

The third Sports album "SUDDENLY" is recorded in London at Eden Studios, again with Peter Solley. It also goes gold when released early in 1980. The single "STRANGERS ON A TRAIN" in January 1980 reaches Top 20 nationally, as does the album. The band tour heavily in 1980, including a SOLD OUT tour with Split Enz, "Sporting True Colours".

In early 1981 Sports record their fourth album "SONDRA" with Cameron Allan, which is released in May. It reaches Top 20 nationally and is just short of gold. The band are special guests on the MADNESS tour.

The four Sports years were fast and furious, recording and touring here and overseas. In December 1981, the band decided to call it quits. They had had more than their share in the rock'n'roll merry go round, and had achieved more than most bands dream of.

In 1982 the band reformed for the Mushroom Evolution concert at the Myer Music Bowl. Their reformation was undoubtedly one of the thrills of the concert for both media and public. True to form Sports turned in one of the best sets of the two days. It proved that the special Sports magic will always have a place.


Stephen Cummings (vocals), Andrew Pendlebury (guitar) and Rob Glover (bass) plus:
1977 first lineup Ed Bates (guitar), Jim Niven (keyboards) and Paul Hitchins (drums)
Aug. 78 Martin Armiger replaces Ed Bates
Dec. 79 Jimmy Niven leaves the band and is not replaced; Paul Hitchins is replaced by Ian McLennan.
June 80 Fred Strauks replaces Ian McLennan


The Sports emerged from Melbourne in the late 70's as Australia's first commercially successful new wave band. There were four albums, of which two (almost three) went gold. Sports had six charted singles, and two international tours. Mostly, Sports made it just that bit easier for other bands, such as The Sunnyboys, Paul Kelly and the Kevins, to break onto radio. Sports also won great interest and admiration in England, where they recorded and toured.


The Sports had their roots in rock'n'roll and rhythm and blues. Their's were simple but well crafted pop songs, pop with a twist. Sports music would soothe, inspire and titillate. It would encourage reckless abandon. It was impassionned, lively. Anyone who ever [heard] Sports in full flight would know that. Two unashamed fans, journalists Stuart Coupe and Toby Creswell, give their personal rememberances in album cover notes.

Now we've put together 16 of the very best Sports songs. One listen to these tunes and you'll remember why Sports were on of Melbourne, Mushroom and Australia's fave bands. And if 16 tracks ain't value for money we don't know what is!

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