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"Asylum Seekers Are People" - Various

2003 Didgeridoo Records (cat: ASAP1)
Album cover
    Track Listing:

  1. People Like That (Mike Hamilton)
  2. Gone, Gone, Gone (Mike Hamilton)
  3. Springvale Road (Brent Parlane)
  4. Light A Fire In You (Brent Parlane)
  5. Indivisible (Kavisha Mazella)
  6. Meet Me Tonight (Kavisha Mazella)
  7. Dear Children (Joe Camilleri)
  8. Gypsy (Cosmo Cosmolino)
  9. Odessa Bulgarish (Cosmo Cosmolino)
  10. Teardrops Will Fall Tonight (Stephen Cummings)
  11. Ballad of Oz (Ross Wilson)

    bonus tracks:

  12. Refuge to a Refugee (Bernard Carney)
  13. No Soul (Ross Wilson)
Live at 45 Downstairs, Melbourne - 15 April 2002
proceeds from this CD go to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and Refugee Advocacy Services, South Australia

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