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"That's My Cave Man" - Stephen Cummings

January 2008 - collected b-sides, rarities and live tracks
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    Track Listing:

  1. It's All Over Now Baby Blue
  2. Sometimes (acoustic version)
  3. Cosmic Wheels (live)
  4. Nothing's Too Much (live)
  5. She Sees Herself In Dreams
  6. This Is How A New Life Can Open Up For You
  7. Isn't It A Pity? (live)
  8. I Want You To Want Me (alternate version)
  9. The Keys To My Heart (live)
  10. Do It (live)
  11. Beware Of Darkness (live)
  12. From St Kilda To Kings Cross (with Chris Abrahams)
  13. When Everyone's Left
  14. I'm Having An Anxiety Attack
  15. End Of Conversation (with Chris Abrahams)
  16. Some Prayers Are Answered (live)
  17. Undecided (live with full band)

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