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"Firecracker" - Stephen Cummings

3 February 2003 - WMinc Productions (WMINCD 028)
Firecracker artwork
    Track Listing:

  1. The Popular One 3:00
  2. Go Right Ahead And Break My Heart 2:45
  3. Nothing's Too Much 2:24
  4. Love's Coming 3:16
  5. Baby What's Come Over You 3:00
  6. I Want You To Want Me 3:56
  7. How Much Longer 3:39
  8. One Kiss 4:41
  9. Sweet Saturday 2:47
  10. Gone Baby Gone 3:19
  11. Music In The Air 3:12
  12. Why Doesn't She Want Me 5:02
  13. Flying Blind 2:05
  14. The Keys To Her Heart 4:24

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produced and mixed by
Shane O'Mara

recorded at
Woodstock and Yikesville

engineered by
Kai Thomas (Woodstock)
and Shane O'Mara (Yikesville)

mastered by
Ross Cockle @ Sing Sing Mastering

Shane O'Mara
electric and acoustic guitars, lap steel, pad and baritone guitars
Bill McDonald
bass, double bass, acoustic guitar, clap loop
Chris Cheney
Ross Hannaford
electric guitar
Peter Luscombe
drum kit, tambourine, hand claps, shakers, finger pops
Peter Jones
drum kit, tambourine, hand claps, shakers, finger pops
Darren Garth
electric guitar
Jeff Burstin
riff guitar
Ross McLennan
harmony vocals, Juno strings, Farfisa
Rebecca Barnard
harmony vocals

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