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"Good Bones" - Stephen Cummings

August 2010 - Liberation Records
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    Track Listing:

  1. Vampire Girl
  2. Missing The Kissing
  3. Black Stockings For Chelsea
  4. When You Walk In The Room
  5. Boys! (What Did The Detectives Say)
  6. Love Streams
  7. Hot Dog
  8. Sweet Saturday
  9. One Kiss
  10. Reckless
  11. The Brighter The Light
  12. Wishing Machine
  13. Step By Step
  14. 100 Different Ways
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publicity blurb:

"GOOD BONES is a collection of songs that have served me well over 35 years as a musician. This is my successor to CLOSE UPS, my first retrospective on Liberation Music, which contained the more obvious choices or hits in my career and sold well. These bones are all good songs.

I sang HOT DOG and VAMPIRE GIRL at the beginning of The Sports, they appeared on our first EP, which got favourably reviewed in the NME and led to a life in music. Happily, I don't have to gild the lily for you. For the most part it's been fun; I haven't ended up in the nut house. The music business is full of villains. At times, my music has been popular, other times it clicked with a clique. I've wanted to cram as many songs and recordings in to my life as I could. Liberation Music seized the opportunity to capitalize on my desire and set up the GOOD BONES Sessions. This album was great fun to make. Billy Miller and Shane O'Mara are enjoyable companions.

There was no balancing of wine bottles or adrenalin filled moments. It was a joy ride; old Gibson guitars, soulful intensity and me gossiping like Gore Vidal. Nick Cave remarked: " Stevie puts on quite a live show. His signature surrealist wit flashes between songs, reminding me of someone trying to repair a watch wearing boxing gloves!" Right on Mister Cave. It's all about educating the masses on the music that I've written and has inspired me, the thunderous progenitor. GOOD BONES is hard in the hard bits and soft in the sad songs. All performed with an enviable ease."

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