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"Lovetown" - Stephen Cummings

February 1988 - LP: Rampant Releases RR052 CD: Truetone Records (through EMI) CDP-793651; Polydor (Australia) 5118872
October 2006 - re-mastered and re-issued with "A New Kind Of Blue"
Lovetown cover (Polydor CD release)
    Track Listing:

  1. Everybody Wants To Get To Heaven But Nobody Wants To Die 3:47
  2. Some Prayers Are Answered 3:57
  3. If You Don't Want My Love 2:59
  4. When Trouble Comes 3:33
  5. Where Are You Going 3:48
  6. My Willingness 4:24
  7. You Jane 4:23
  8. She Set Fire To The House 4:51
  9. Push It Up All Fall Down 3:00
  10. Viva Las Vegas 2:35

    CD re-issue only:

  11. Time To Kill 3:47
  12. She Set Fire To The House (Electric) 5:00
  13. Who Listens To The Radio ('89) 4:24
  14. Last Round Up 3:58
"Lovetown will surely get SC to heaven" - Rolling Stone
"This is pop, it's rare and it should be treasured" - RAM
"A collection of perfectly drawn vignettes" - O.t.S
"Oozes class with every vocal nuance" - Green Guide, The Age

Review of this album

Lovetown was listed at #40 in the 2010 book 100 Best Australian Albums

Produced by
Stephen Cummings and Mark Woods

Engineered by
Chris Corr

Andrew Pendlebury
acoustic and electric guitars
Shane O'Mara
twelve string guitar
all guitars on track 3
guitar solo on track 5
Stephen Hadley
acoustic and electric bass
Peter Luscombe
drum sounds
Paul Williamson
saxophone solo on track 1
Johnny McAll
Nicholas Smith
most harmonies
Rebecca Barnard
some harmonies
From what I can tell, Lovetown was released on LP in 1987 through Rampant Releases with the album sequenced A: 1-6-3-4-5 B:7-2-8-9-10 . Truetone then re-released the album on CD in 1989, with that release featuring the lyrics, a modified version of the original LP cover and 4 bonus tracks. Polydor then re-released the album in 1992 with the bonus tracks and the doll cover (above) but without the lyrics.

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