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"More Of Her" - Four Hours Sleep

1996 - White Records (Mushroom) BV D31466
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    Track Listing:

  1. This Song Can Save You 4:10
  2. Satellite 4:09
  3. Stick To My Fingers 4:00
  4. Don't You Ever Listen To Me 3:28
  5. When You Know More Of Her 3:20
  6. A Real Miracle 5:23
  7. She Wanted To Fight 3:13
  8. Many Were The Tears 4:05
  9. Lost World 2:46
  10. When I First Met You 5:10
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Produced by
Bill McDonald

Recorded at
Periscope Studios, Melbourne

Engineered by
Lawrence Maddy
assisted by
Zahran Hanley

Mixed at Platinum Studios by
Lawrence Maddy

Bill McDonald
bass, guitar, synth
Peter Luscombe
drums, percussion
Dan Luscombe
guitar, backing vocals

Stephen Cummings
lead vocals on tracks 2, 3, 5, 7-9
David McComb
lead vocals on tracks 1 and 10
Angie Hart
lead vocals on tracks 3 and 6
Edwyn Collins
vocal and lead guitar on track 4
Rebecca Barnard
backing vocals on track 10
Kerri Simpson
backing vocals on track 7
Lawrence Maddy
piano on track 4
Diane Peters
harp on tracks 3 and 6
Suzanne Simpson
violin on track 6
Paul Williamson
saxophone on track 7

Purchasing this album:
Apparently only 600 copies of "More Of Her" were pressed and Mushroom haven't shown any interest in re-issuing it. If you would like to buy a copy, send an email to and we can put you in touch with Bill McDonald who is happy to help out. Otherwise, the only source for this album are secondhand stores or music stores which still have their original stock. Yes, it can be very difficult to find - good luck in your search!

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