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"Reckless" - The Sports

1978 - Mushroom Records D19764
Album cover
    Track Listing:

  1. Boys! (What Did The Detective Say?)
  2. Amazon
  3. Modern Don Juan
  4. You Ain't Home Yet
  5. Mailed It To Your Sister
  6. Reckless
  7. When You Walk In The Room
  8. Rockabilly Billy
  9. Down In Chinatown
  10. Moon On A String
  11. I Put The Light On
Produced by
Joe Camilleri

Engineered by
Ian MacKenzie

Recorded at
Armstrong Studios, Melbourne

Stephen Cummings
Ed Bates
guitar, vocals
Andrew Pendlebury
Jim Niven
piano, vocals
Robert Glover
Paul Hitchins

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