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"Rough & Ready Rockerbilly" - Various Artists

1993 - Missing Link 27

Album cover
    Track Listing:

  1. Rockabilly Heaven (Pelaco Bros)
  2. Truckdrivers Queen (Pelaco Bros)
  3. Truckdrivin' Guru (Pelaco Bros)
  4. Locked Out Of Love (Auto Drifters)
  5. Santa's Joined A Disco Band (Auto Drifters)
  6. Big Jim (Auto Drifters)
  7. Come Back-a-baby (Fabulous Nudes)
  8. Shakin' The Blues (Relaxed Mechanics)
  9. I'll Be A Dag For You Baby (Fabulous Nudes)
  10. Mr Whiz (Auto Drifters)
  11. Gooseball Brown (Relaxed Mechanics)
  12. Harry's Cafe de Wheels (Fabulous Nudes)
  13. Truckin' Casanova (Relaxed Mechanics)
  14. Morse Code (Auto Drifters)
  15. I Need A Car (Fabulous Nudes)
  16. Mechanics In Relaxed Manner (Pelaco Bros)
  17. Hangin' Round The House (Peter Lillie & The Leisuremasters)
  18. Holiday House (Peter Lillie & The Leisuremasters)

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