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"Rollercoaster" - Stephen Cummings

Rollercoaster cover
    Track Listing:

  1. Who Listens To The Radio The Sports
  2. Don't Throw Stones The Sports
  3. Perhaps The Sports
  4. Strangers on a Train The Sports
  5. Stuck On Love
  6. Backstabbers
  7. Gymnasium
  8. Love Is Crucial But Money, That's Everything
  9. She Set Fire To The House
  10. Some Prayers Are Answered
  11. A Life Is A Life
  12. When Day Is Done
  13. Hell (You Put Me Through)
  14. Keep The Ball Rolling
  15. Whatever Love Is (new song)
  16. Waiting For You To Come (new song)
  17. Blue Hour
This album was his first "best of" package, featuring some songs from his Sports days as well as tracing thru his solo career up to this point. All tracks are the album versions, except for "Whatever..." and "Waiting For You...", which were released together as the "Whatever Love Is" single. The third track on that single was a karaoke (ie. no lead vocals) version of "Whatever...".

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