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"Sample People" - Various Artists

2000 - Festival Records
Album cover
    Track Listing:

  1. Space Theme (Rafael May)
  2. Horror Movie (Sonic Animation)
  3. Take A Long Line (Grinspoon)
  4. Don't Change (4 Star)
  5. Night For A Play (Rafael May)
  6. One Step Behind (Kiley Gaffney)
  7. Gangsta Beats (Rafael May)
  8. Sweet Sweet Love (Russel Morris)
  9. Boy From The Stars (The Mavis's)
  10. I Like It Both Ways (Not From There)
  11. Alone With You (The Superjesus)
  12. Aja Aja (Rafael May)
  13. Disclone (PNAU)
  14. Who Listens To The Radio (The Whitlams)
  15. Howzat (Custard)
  16. Space Shiva (Rafael May)
  17. Gay Sex Guru (Jimmy Street)
  18. The Real Thing (Kylie Minogue)

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