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"Sondra" - The Sports

1981 - LP: Mushroom Records L37552 CD: Mushroom Records D19765
Album cover
    Track Listing:

  1. Against The Dance
  2. How Come
  3. When We Go Out Tonight
  4. Black Stockings (for Chelsea)
  5. Clint 1
  6. This Is Really Something
  7. Softly, Softly
  8. Passionette
  9. Stop The Baby Talking
  10. Lucky Shop
  11. Clint 2
  12. Face The Tiger
  13. Happy Feet
  14. Last House On The Left
Produced by
Cameron Allan

Engineered by
Gerry Nixon

Recorded at AAV, Melbourne

Mixed at EMI, Sydney

Stephen Cummings
vocals, whistles
Martin Armiger
guitar, vocals
Andrew Pendlebury
Robert Glover
Freddie Strauks

Nowhere to fall but off, nowhere to stand but on... Sondra.

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