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"Space Travel" - Stephen Cummings

25 August 2007 - Liberation (catalogue: LIBCD92435)
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    Track Listing:

  1. Little Girl On A Sofa
  2. No Stopping
  3. It's Not Me, It's You
  4. I Remember
  5. Hey Kitty Kitty
  6. From The Day I Was Born
  7. Who Wants To Buy A Broken Heart?
  8. El Duderino
  9. Hurry Hurry And Let's Go
  10. Going To Turn You Round
  11. I Sit And Think Of You

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press release (PDF file) || album reviews

Recorded at Flippy-Flop
by Bill McDonald

Additional recording
at Billy's Shack - engineered by Billy Miller
and at Yikesville - engineered by Shane O'Mara

Mixed and fixed at Yikesville
by Shane O'Mara

Produced by Bill McDonald
with help from Billy, Shane and Stephen

Vocal arrangements by Billy Miller

Mastered by
Ross Cockle at Sing Sing

Bill McDonald
bass, guitars, keyboards and ukulele

Dan Luscombe
uncoiled metal guitars

Billy Miller
unreal electric and acoustic guitars, vocals

Stephen Cummings
stern guitars and things

Rebecca Barnard

Shane O'Mara
electric and high-strung guitars, as well as sparkly fairy-dust effects and great ears

Mal Pinkerton

Peter Luscombe
drums, shakers and percussion

Jeff Burstin
acoustic blues guitar

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