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"Spiritual Bum" - Stephen Cummings

26 July 1999 - Festival Records (Australia) D24112; re-released 14 August 2000 - WMinc Productions
Album cover
    Track Listing:

  1. Nobody Is Ever Going To Feel This Way 4:11
  2. It's Raining 3:31
  3. Such Luck To Be Alive 4:48
  4. Poor Baby 3:50
  5. Sad To Go 4:13
  6. Shaped Like Love 3:46
  7. Wishing Machine 4:09
  8. The Half Light 4:54
  9. The Night Is Singing 5:14
  10. Don't Talk To Me About Love 4:02
  11. Because It's Spring 4:20
  12. Straight To Your Arms I Will Fly 5:22
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All pressings of this album feature a CDROM component with lyrics, photos, biography, discography and other information. Some of the discarded songs from the recording sessions for this album include There Are Words For The Things I Want To Say, Go To Sleep and She Sees Herself In Dreams.

Recorded and mixed at
Shag, Woodstock and Platinum Studios, Melbourne
September 1998 - February 1999

Engineered by
Simon Polinski

Additional engineering by
Robert Goodge, Adam Rhodes
and Stephen Cummings

Mixed by
Robert Goodge

Bill McDonald
bass, 12 string guitar
Shane O'Mara
6 and 12 string guitars
Rebecca Barnard
David Bridie
Ashley Naylor
electric guitar, vocals
Dan Luscombe
electric guitar
Peter Luscombe
drums, percussion
Peter Jones
Bruce Haymes
Wurlitzer electric piano
Jeff Burstin
guitars, mandolin, Tornado organ
Robert Goodge
acoustic and slide guitar

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