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"Suddenly" - The Sports

1980 - Festival L37131
Album cover
    Track Listing:

  1. Suddenly
  2. No Mama No
  3. Between Us
  4. Go
  5. Strangers On A Train
  6. It Hurts
  7. Murmurs
  8. I Tried To Love Her
  9. Blue Hearts
  10. Perhaps
  11. The Lost And The Lonely
  12. Never Catch Her
Produced by
Pete Solley

Recorded and mixed at
Eden Studios, Chiswick, London

Additional mixing at
Coconut Studios, Miami, USA

Engineered by
Steve Brown
assisted by

Thanks to Herbie Flower
for string bars on
The Lost And The Lonely

and the Chanter Sisters
for backing vocals on
Perhaps and Blue Hearts

Some vinyl issues included the 2-track "The Lost Demo's" bonus single,
featuring Poor Mouth and Heart Of Darkness

The US cassette version had completely different artwork.

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