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"Totally Wireless, The Triple J Acoustic Sessions" - Various Artists

1993 - PolyGram (Australia) 518 367-2
Album cover
  1. Blind Willie McTell (Tex Perkins, Don Walker & Charlie Owen)
  2. Ride With Me (Glide)
  3. Embarrassed (You Am I)
  4. Pretty Hot Corn Girl (The Drunk, The Monk & The Spunk)
  5. Divan (Smudge)
  6. Get On That Train (Dazy Chains)
  7. Todos Juntos (Blindman's Holiday)
  8. Adrift (Guttersnipes)
  9. Ocean Of You (Blackeyed Susans)
  10. That's When I (The Madisons)
  11. Spirit of the Winter Trees (Tiddas)
  12. A Midlife's Tale (My Friend The Chocolate Cake)
  13. The Last of The Old Fashioned Steam Powered Trains (Ed Kuepper & Mark Dawson)
  14. Confetti (Evan Dando)
  15. Three Dead Passengers In A Stolen Secondhand Ford (Stephen Cummings & Dave Graney)
  16. Satellite 1 (The Plums)

Produced by Terri Robert
Recorded by Paul McKercher

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