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INTRO: Uncrowned (CD/Minidisc version)

This is basically a trimmed version of the tape compilation I've assembled, cut down to 74 minutes so that it will fit on a single Minidisc. I've passed copies of this one to a few people and I know it has resulted in at least two sales of full albums.

Disclaimer: (see the disclaimer for the tape - the same stuff applies)

1 Where Are You Going The Lovetown album was a turning point in his solo career, as it offered plenty of evidence that it was okay to call him one of the best Australian singer/songwriters. Call this song exhibit #1.
2 Whatever Love Is For his first compilation release, Stephen churned out a couple of new songs.

"This is me striving to be Fleetwood Mac. Video Smash Hits loved it. Bruce Haymes plays the Hammond solo and the part of Christine McVie, Robert Goodge pretends he's Lindsey Buckingham and Rebecca Barnard and Nick Smith play the challenging impersonation of Stevie Nicks." - Stephen Cummings

3 White Noise A number of SC aficionados were taken aback by "The Big Room", the big and boomy opening track on Falling Swinger. As if intended to soothe those concerns, this gem was the second track.
4 She Set Fire To The House "Has been a song that I can sing over and over and still enjoy. Many people have offered different interpretations of its lyric. I can't recall why I wrote it. Many of my songs deal with a character getting themselves in and out of a chaotic situation." - Stephen Cummings
5 You Jane The traditional "guy meets girl" scenario, from the distinctive SC perspective. Jane song #1.

"A guy goes into a bar and chats up the waitress. Wrote this after watching Alan Rudolph film, "Trouble In Mind". Bill McDonald once dragged me across Brisbane to show me the best waitress in the world. She worked at a Greek restaurant in a mall. She was beautiful in a melancholy, Juliet Binoche, kind of way. The best waitresses are dedicated to waiting as a higher pursuit, they're not part-time artists or hoping to break into movies, advertising, etcetera." - Stephen Cummings

6 I Wish The Show Was Over In live performance, Stephen has been known to slip into stories about the frustrations of dealing with his elderly mother. This song from Falling Swinger is his only recording to explore that theme.
7 Who Listens To The Radio '89 Stephen's musical career started in the 70s with a band called The Sports, who established a reputation as a great live band before slamming into the charts with the single "Who Listens To The Radio". In 1989, Stephen recorded a new acoustic version and added some extra tongue-in-cheek lyrics.
8 A Life Is A Life The original version of the A New Kind of Blue album was conceived around the tape/record two-sided format. The B side featured the acoustic songs while the A side featured the upbeat songs, such as this one.
9 Some Prayers Are Answered The oddly titled "Everybody Wants To Get To Heaven But Nobody Wants To Die" opened the Lovetown album with just vocals, bass and acoustic guitar. "Some Prayers Are Answered" introduced the full band and the impeccable backing vocals of Rebecca Barnard.
10 Melancholy Hour The traditional "girl does something impulsive which shocks guy" scenario. Yep, it's Jane song #2 with one of his his most offbeat vocal performances and some appropriately offbeat lyrics to match.

"The same guy goes back to the bar and finds that his best friend has slept with the waitress too. Much gnashing of teeth etc." - Stephen Cummings

11 Hell (You Put Me Through) I feel like dancing (woo!) dancing (woo!) dance the night away...
12 When Love Comes Back To Haunt You "The path of true love doesn't always run smoothly. Sometimes it doesn't run at all." - Stephen Cummings
13 Blue Hour What do you get when you pair a fine singer with a jazz pianist? We can only dream that the results were always like this.

"I get confused at the blurring between light and dark. Hate going to intermediate sessions at movies. Don't like going into the theatre in sunshine and coming out and it's night. This is the first song I wrote with Sydney pianist Chris Abrahams and the tune was covered by Vika and Linda Bull." - Stephen Cummings

14 Your House Is Falling Of the songs on A New Kind Of Blue, this was the most obvious choice for release as a single.
15 Walk Softly But Carry A Big Stick The traditional "guy gets all neurotic and accidentally bumps into girl" scenario. The final song in the Jane trilogy, demonstrating his talent for great song titles.

"Years later. It's Christmas Eve and the same guy has taken a few wrong turns in life. He can't sleep and visits the local convenience store. It's here, he runs into that same waitress from years before. She works behind the counter. They get together for one more shot at making it work." - Stephen Cummings

16 When Day Is Done The opening track from A New Kind Of Blue, building towards yet another trademark Cummings chorus.
17 Fell From A Great Height The album that sold the most copies of this song was, ironically, not a SC album but in fact a Toni Childs "Very Best Of..." that featured Toni on a duet version. This is Stephen's original, untouched version.

"Recorded in Sydney at Steve Kilbey's old studio in Surry Hills. When I think of this song the image that comes to mind is the old ICI Building in Melbourne. It was the first skyscraper that I can remember. Steve Kilbey played bass, Chris Abrahams played piano and Grant McLennan played the simple guitar. Like most of the songs on Falling Swinger it was recorded in two or three takes." - Stephen Cummings

tracks 1,4,5,7,9 from Lovetown (1987)
tracks 8,10,12,14,16 from A New Kind of Blue (1988)
tracks 11,13 from Good Humour (1990)
track 15 from Unguided Tour(1992)
track 2 from Rollercoaster (1993)
tracks 3,6,17 from Falling Swinger (1994)

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