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"Unguided Tour" - Stephen Cummings

1992 - Polydor (Australia) 513852-2
Unguided Tour cover
    Track Listing:

  1. Uncrowned 3:46
  2. Keep The Ball Rolling 3:37
  3. I Hope She's Happy Now 3:52
  4. Walk Softly, Carry A Big Stick 4:49
  5. Two By Two 3:47
  6. Everybody's Always Pissing In The Swimming Pool 4:28
  7. She's Too Dumb To Care 2:58
  8. Didn't Anybody Ever Say No To You Before 3:57
  9. I've Gotta Lot Of Faith In You 4:10
  10. Rise And Fall 4:13
  11. Like A Shadow 4:14
  12. Play It As It Lays 3:40
  13. When It Rains Outside 2:05
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Produced by
Stephen Cummings and Shane O'Mara

Recorded at
Metropolis Studios, Melbourne
April 1992

Recorded and mixed by
Doug Roberts
assisted by
Robin Mai and Dee Gjedstead

Shane O'Mara
acoustic and electric guitars
Peter Luscombe
drum kit and percussion
Bill McDonald
electric and acoustic bass
Chris Abrahams
hammond and piano
Rebecca Barnard
Nick Smith
Graham Lee
pedal steel

There was a bonus disc issued with early releases of this album. It was titled If I Had Some Money I'd Go Away Tonight and featured the album versions of Where Are You Going, Some Prayers Are Answered, Don't Look For Trouble, Hell and Ten Very Sad Songs.

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