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King Of Smooth

by Bob J Homez

27 December 1990 - OTS

Australia's King Of Smooth, Stephen Cummings, has returned to the fray with a funky new album, Good Humour, set for release early next year. After the acoustic serenity and cool beauty of his last few records, A New Kind Of Blue, This Wonderful Life and the masterpiece, Lovetown, Cummings has roped in I'm Talking's former songwriter, Robert Goodge, for this new project.

Cummings spoke with OtS's Bob J Homez.

You've been burnt pretty badly by mainstream radio in the past. Do you feel that if they didn't see Lovetown as being up to scratch, then they'd never play your stuff?

How frustrating is it when you know you're writing good material, but still not really managing to break through? In the studio, what can you do with more money? What has a bigger budget allowed you to do with Good Humour? Do you ever feel it will be hard to top Lovetown? Surely that was an insurmountable peak, including Sports and other solo albums? Are you still writing about others, or have you started writing about yourself now? Why are you wary of opening up? When Lovetown came out you told me just about all the songs were made up? Are you a dictator on stage? You seem to be totally serious and very pissed off if someone played a bum chord or if it is out of tune. What did you say to the players before you recorded the album? So what's the story with advertising? Did you have a trade or anything before Sports? Do you worry about five or ten years down the line? Has time made it any easier for you performing on stage? You still close your eyes a lot of the time. Do you ever get pressured to be not just a singer and a guitarist, but an entertainer as well? Has your son Curtis seen you play? Is he at an age (4) where he can decide whether he likes certain records?
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