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by Peter Holmes

5 November 1993 - Metro, Sydney Morning Herald

The former Sports man Stephen Cummings still has one of the best voices around. A new compilation album showcases some of Mr Smooth's finest moments.

How many coffees a day is too many?

One Sports track you cannot bear listening to? Why is this?

Have you a poker face or is the truth hard to conceal?

Last time you laughed so hard you thought you might die?

How much soap are you watching at the moment?

Three young Melbourne bands worth a second look?

Was the greatest hits idea yours or theirs?

Did you like what you found when you went through your back catalogue?

Have you ever been asked to pose nude?

In which country would you most like a number one hit? Why?

Your favourite Countdown moment?

Which of the following are better than sex: fine food/big laughs/an evening of cabaret with Barry Manilow? Why?

Most distasteful aspect of living in Victoria?

Which Stephen Cummings composition would you like to hear covered by which band?

Have you ever asked for an autograph? Who?

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