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Stephen Cummings

September 1994 - Buzz magazine

The Falling Swinger is as Happy as Larry

After six albums of self-produced material Stephen Cummings has recorded with a producer for the first time since his days with The Sports. Steve Kilbey of The Church took the reins on Stephen's latest album Falling Swinger, producing a sensuous, laidback collection full of Cummings trademark emotional style.

Steve Cummings is a regular favourite with the critics since turning solo in the mid eighties after fronting The Sports, who had such memorable hits as "Don't Throw Stones" and "Who Listens To The Radio". He has since had a string of successful albums and the odd hit single like "Backstabbers" and "Hell (You Put Me Through)". The Buzz spoke to Steve to find out what he's up to now.

How happy are you with the new album?

How long did it take to complete?

Will you be touring the album extensively?

Will you be playing any old Sports songs in the set?

Do people still yell for them?

What's the story with the book you've been working on?

Has a single been released off the album yet?

How did you go co-writing after years of writing by yourself?

What are the plans for the future?

Have you commenced writing material for the next album?

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