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The Big Ask

from the Melbourne Weekly - 23 April 1996

Stephen Cummings, 42, is best known as a singer and songwriter, but has just written his first novel...about a music publisher having a mid life crisis. He lives with his girlfriend Kathleen O'Brien and has a son Curtis, who's 10.

Have you had a mid-life crisis?

Was this book your way of dealing with it? When did your hair go grey? Did you find writing difficult? Is the book autobiographical? Are you superstitious? What about? Why? So you invented your own? Were you worried what people would think of the book? Who's your favourite author? What's your favourite song line? Do you go to the gym? What's your biggest regret? What song are you proudest of? Who do you most admire? What was your best gig? Has your music career finished? Are you rich?
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