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Stephen Cummings

from Who Weekly, 2 August 1999

Festival Records publicity shot Stephen Cummings has a 13 year-old son, Curtis, who likes Jebediah, Fatboy Slim and Regurgitator. What about Dad's music? "I think he's a bit embarrassed by his father," grins the 44-year-old Melbourne singer-songwriter. Cummings's latest embarrassment is his ninth solo album, Spiritual Bum (Festival). And that's to be followed by the publication of his second novel, Stay Away from Lightning Girl (Random House).

Where does the title Spiritual Bum come from?

Do you prefer writing books or writing songs?

I hear you've been buying a lot of albums that you used to like as a kid. Which ones?

Medibank's "I Feel Better Now" jingle is from one of your songs. How long has that advertisement been playing?


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