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MUSIC: Live: Armadillo, Mentone

6 August 2002 - with Shane O'Mara

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Stephen & Shane
900 x 588 (66kb)

photo by David Gilliver (email:

Teardrops Will Fall Tonight
Ain't No Sunshine (written by Bill Withers)
You Put A Pain On My Heart
Wishing Machine
She Set Fire To The House
The Big Room
Fell From A Great Height
When Love Comes Back To Haunt You
The Half Light
Ring Of Fire (written by Merle Kilgore and June Carter)


Love Is Mighty Close To You
You're A Dream
Keep The Ball Rolling
Uncrowned (aborted)
Taken By Surprise
September 13
Three Dead Passengers
Who Listens To The Radio (aborted)
Carrying A Torch For You (For Years)

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