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MUSIC: Live: Heritage Hotel, Bulli

9 July 2005 - with Shane O'Mara and Bill McDonald

Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 16:29:12 +1000
From: Stephen Williams
Subject: Heritage Hotel Bulli Gig 9/7/2005

I last saw Stephen Cummings in the early Eighties at the Comb 'n' Cutter hotel at Blacktown when he fronted "The Sports". I've had his solo CD "Close Ups" for about six months now and am still blown away by this mans incredible vocal talent, plus the fact the CD has acoustic reworkings of all his work.

Saturday the 9th of July 2005 was the date and the Heritage Hotel Bulli was the venue, a great sized room warm and intimate.

The show consisted of two sets with about 20 songs in all, the night was an absolute hoot with songs covering almost 30 years of his career, from Twist Senorita, Reckless, Don't Throw Stones, Who Listens To The Radio to She Set Fire To The House,Hell and When Love Comes Back To Haunt You. The highlight for me was his touching and emotional version of How Come. The show went for around two hours and apart from having a table of "bone head" girls sitting near us that talked all the way through the two sets the night was awsome.

After the show I congratulated Stephen Cummings on a great night and requested a photo together and he was more then accomodating........ two photos and a copy of "Live At The Big Room"....... AUTOGRAPHED.

Not only does Stephen Cummings sing from the heart he is a true gentleman and if by chance your reading this Stephen and your ever in the Windsor area NSW, please look me up, a red wine or a coffee is always on stand-by.


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