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MUSIC: Live: George Fairfax Theatre, Melbourne

16 August 2008 - with Bill McDonald, Billy Miller and Ed Miller

Bill, Stephen, Billy and Ed

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700 x 480 (80kb)

more photos from this gig can be viewed here

Love Is Space And Time
Sick Comedian
You Know It All By Heart
Raymond Chandler And Edward Hopper
This Song Can Save You
Straight To Your Arms
The Ballad Of Henry Miller
What A Joy It Is To Dance And Sing
When Love Comes Back To Haunt You

Who Listens To The Radio
Suspicious Minds
Some Prayers Are Answered
Don't Throw Stones
How Come
Blue Hour
Fell From A Great Height
You're So In The Past
Love Is Mighty Close To You
How Much Longer
It's Not Me It's You

Little Girl On A Sofa
Walk In The Room

Silver And Gold (solo - Joe Strummer cover)

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