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MUSIC: Live: Commercial Hotel, Yarraville

18 June 2000 - double bill with Rebecca Barnard, accompanied by Shane O'Mara

Where Are You Going (lead vocal: SC)
Heart For Heart (SC)
Soft Skin Meri (RB)
In Deep (RB)
A River Lies Between us (SC)
The Half Light (SC)
??Big Smoke?? (RB)
Atomic Electric (RB)
Keep The Ball Rolling (SC)
Cosmic Wheels (SC only)


Way Of All Things (RB)
A Case Of You (RB - written by Joni Mitchell)
Melancholy Hour (SC)
She Set Fire To The House (SC)
Empty (RB)
Little Man (RB)
When Love Comes Back To Haunt You (SC)
So Rude (RB)
Wishing Machine (SC)
Factory Girl (RB/SC - written by Jagger/Richards)

Change The Locks (RB - written by Lucinda Williams)

"review" and photos by David Gilliver:

The previous pairing of these two at the Continental was a lot of fun and this was a case of "more of the same". Excellent!

This venue is just a room in a pub, with no stage as such but just a couple of stools on one side of the room. The PA setup is minimal but when they started "Where Are You Going?" it sounded nothing less than sensational. Stuey was in charge of the soundboard and certainly knew how to get it right.

There were many highlights. This was the first time I'd heard an acoustic version of "A River Lies Between Us". "The Half Light" was simply beautiful and Rebecca said "that should be a single". "Cosmic Wheels" featured that jaw dropping guitar break from Shane. Rebecca's rendition of "A Case Of You" was gentle and touching.

"Melancholy Hour" was hilarious. Using a new arrangement for the song, Stephen did his usual trick of expanding the lyrics at every opportunity to the extent that he brought the music to a stop in the middle so he could rant on about going to a school open day and Shane "it-was-the-girls-fault" Warne. There is nothing quite like hearing this song live.

An encore was demanded so they decided to do the Lucinda Williams blues song "Change The Locks". I'm not sure why they settled on this song, it hadn't been rehearsed and Rebecca couldn't remember all the words. One table in the audience knew it and tried prompting her by miming some actions. It didn't help her much so she grabbed her mic and walked into the crowd and got one of them to sing the next verse for her.

In Rebecca and Stephen you have two of the finest pop vocalists in Australia. What more could you ask for than seeing them in a relaxed and intimate venue such as this? I'll be there again next week, no question.


Shane, Rebecca and Stephen


Shane, Rebecca and Stephen


Shane takes a solo


Rebecca gets an audience member to sing the words she can't remember

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