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MUSIC: Live: The Basement, Sydney

25 August 2004 - with Shane O'Mara

Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 01:30:29 +0000
From: penny martin

Hi David,

I went to an awesome gig last night at "The Basement" here in Sydney. In celebration of the new acoustic series of albums just released by Liberation for 2 x nights Stephen Cummings and Diesel played.

Stephen was brilliant - stripped of a band - (he had a guy called Shane who played brilliant acoustic guitar) he really sang some heart wrenching songs. He was in a bit of a cynical mood - taking the piss out of the Aussie rowing girls etc but he was fantastic. A really moving show as just about every song was about broken relationships etc. Just loved it.

Diesel was awesome - he sang and played acoustic guitar and just blew everyone away. It's nights' like last night that you sit back and realise what talented brilliant musicians we have in this country trying to scratch a living and then you turn on the radio and listen to the shit they play and wonder how can people be so stupid !!!

Long live the great Aussie tradition of smart talented people pumping out great live music.

They really are 2 of our finest.

All the best
Penny Martin

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