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MUSIC: Live: The Big Top, Queenscliff Music Festival

28 November 2003 - with Shane O'Mara, Bill McDonald, Peter Jones and Peter Luscombe

The Popular One
Nothing's Too Much
How Much Longer
Gone Baby Gone
Wishing Machine
Music In The Air
The Big Room
Keep The Ball Rolling
Keys To Her Heart
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 2:51:20 UTC
From: Gerald McNamara
Subject: SC news

Hi David,

It was too bad you didn't make it to QMF. We were all looking for ya. I considered SMSing the set lists as they happened (!!!), but realised that I didn't even have your mobile number anyway ! Stephen's set went over very well in the Big Top on Friday night, and Saturday in the pub saw them go into absolute overdrive. I think SC & the band would prob'ly all agree that it was the most frenetic set they've ever done ! It was HOT and sweaty in there and the 2 Peters both spurred each other on to new heights, which Bill managed to match. Shane emerged from the venue afterwards soaked and ecstatic as did Stephen. They were like a footy team who'd just won a Grand Final ! The festival vibe seems to lift both audience and performers - I guess some of it comes from alcohol :)

Didn't get any photos but some other people did. Perhaps some will turn up on websites.

see ya,


Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 00:32:57 +1100
From: ian lewis
To: David Gilliver
Subject: RE: [Torch] Stephen Cummings gigs


Your mail about the Queenscliff shows was right on the money. The Friday night show in the big tent was great, but the Saturday show in the Pub was a killer. It was as hot as hell in there and they all dripped with sweat but they gave it 100%. I like it when Stephen sings loud. The Firecracker sound is a BIG sound - I was wondering why you needed two drummers when one of them is Peter Luscombe (who sounds like two drummers anyway). I got the answer when I saw them play.


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photos by Graham Spillard

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