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MUSIC: Live: Uncle Neil's Place, Upwey

29 March 2003 - with Shane O'Mara, Mark Ferrie and Peter Jones

Shane, Peter, Stephen and Mark
800 x 488 (53kb)
Shane, Stephen and Mark
801 x 549 (67kb)
How Much Longer
The Popular One
Why Doesn't She Want Me
Sweet Saturday
Love Is Mighty Close To You
Nothing's Too Much
Love's Coming
Wishing Machine
Go Right Ahead And Break My Heart


Music In The Air
Gone Baby Gone
The Big Room
She Set Fire To The House
Flying Blind
One Kiss
The Keys To Her Heart
Keep The Ball Rolling
Baby Baby What's Come Over You
New Cosmic Blues

Miss You (Richards/Jagger)

Shane cuts loose
799 x 458 (92kb)
Shane's guitar relaxes after the show
585 x 800 (90kb)

photos by David Gilliver (email:

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