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MUSIC: Live: Moorabbin Town Hall, Moorabbin

29 August 2009

From: Richard Hopkins
Date: 2009/8/31
Subject: Moorabbin Town Hall gig!

I would just like to congratulate Stephen & his band on the gig @ Moorabbin Town Hall on Saturday night (29 August).

Stephen's laconic humor, combined with a spectacular vocal performance, back by a tight array of well known session musicians, not forgetting Mark on guitar with I think what must be his original Ferret guitar which shows great use and "patina", fused together to create a night to remember !

How is it possible that Stephen's voice just gets better as his ageless performance defies any possibility of an ageing process occurring in his vocal abilities and or range and the only age numerical reference is the identity silver hair !

Can I be so bold as to ask as to Stephen's age, to settle a bet that originated from a group of long term admirers at the end of the night !

Saluti Richard H.

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