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MUSIC: Live: Toff In Town, Melbourne

30 August 2009

From: Maria Kolaitis
Date: 2009/8/31
Subject: Hi there; feedback for Stephen Cummings re Melbourne Writers Festival event on 30 August

Hi Ross

I am not actually a fan per se of Stephen Cummings.  However, I was curious to see him as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival last night at the Toff in Town.  He was absolutely fantastic (better than I expected) and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Great idea to take excerpts from his latest book and tell the story against the background of music.

Would you please be kind enough to pass on my feedback.  It was a shame that he didn’t take any questions from the audience and didn’t have any of his books on sale at the event.  

Kind regards

Maria Kolaitis

the Stephen Cummings site - email: feedback AT