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MUSIC: Lyrics: Tickety Boo

Stephen Cummings: Tickety Boo
  1. Now Here She Comes
  2. Tickety Boo
  3. Don't Use The Telephone
  4. Bob Hope: The Death Of Vaudeville & Television
  5. Eyes Lock: Heart Stops
  6. Girl & A Gun
  7. Happy City
  8. Great Stereo
  9. Kiss Me Honey
  10. I'm Your Number One Fan
Now Here She Comes

Stephen Cummings

Here she comes
She comes
Here she comes
She comes

Sky's not even golden.
I'm still holding.
My silver pistol
It's made of crystal
Two is meant to be one
Two is meant to be fun

Now here she comes... giving me that look
Now here she comes... giving that look

I scribble on a napkin
A man of action
She put her backpack on
And was gone
Take me at face value
Everything is true

Now here she comes... giving that look
Now here she comes... giving that look

The night will end in tears
Or wine and beers
Asleep in the arms of armchairs
Covered in cat hairs
When the blue blackens
Something happens

Now here she comes... giving that look
Now here she comes... giving that look
Tickety Boo

Stephen Cummings

She loves me more than you
Everything I do
Is tickety-boo tickety-boo

My life is unravelling
I should be travelling
All stories end here
Did I make that clear?
Anyone can fall asleep
Promises to keep
Everything will be revealed
My lips are sealed
You are sweet
The lion at my feet
Like a pussy cat
Sorry bout that
Sex smeared on our faces
And other places too
Italian boys in t-shirts
Are such flirts?
Tonight is clear & bright
Cold winds, its almost light
She loves to paint
The lives of the saints
Love between lovers
Sons and mothers
Do you mind?
You're so kind
Head in the clouds
Hate crowds
Hand in hand
Tomorrow land
We're having a ball
Doing it all
Don't Use The Telephone

Stephen Cummings

Don't use the telephone
Use poetry
Your kisses taste salty
Like the sea
Don't use the telephone
Look elsewhere
For a millionaire
Don't use the telephone
The moon, a falling star
Go for the jugular
Don't use the telephone
Some people love to hate
They should meditate
Don't use the telephone
Open the door
What are you living for?
Don't use the telephone
Play some rock and roll
Got rhythm in my soul
Don't use the telephone
You are about to die
Of old age or rage
Don't use the telephone
Ready set go
I got a girl I love so
Don't use the telephone
The feeling will pass
Or possibly will last
Don't use the telephone
Address unknown
No such zone, all-alone
Don't use the telephone
The cosmos is smiling
All morning
Don't use the telephone
That's my philosophy
That's all right with me
Bob Hope: The Death Of Vaudeville & Television

Stephen Cummings

Bob Hope
When vaudeville died
Was the box they put it in?
Who knew?
What the future would bring
Bob Hope; as old as the century
He had I have a hatred of anonymity
Had the wrinkles pressed
Out of his suits
And personality

Five press agents
And 88 writers
At his beck and call
Seven days a week
He turned himself
Into a comedy franchise
Fake teardrops
Fall from his eyes
I won't ever forget
He worked
Without a safety net

When Bing Crosby died
He was a basket case:
Nobody ever got
Into his inner space
And if you did
Finally get there
You'd find you didn't care
There was nothing really there
The public never had a chance
Like an exotic dance
Clear the way he's coming thru
Enjoy what we are given
Just as long as you are living
Eyes Lock: Heart Stops

Stephen Cummings

I laid out my cards
She trumped everyone
I wantanother me
I think this one's done
Refrain from giving advise
Refrain from tampering with others lives

She's a got a pretty face
She's got good taste
To live with me for such a while
And still be able to smile
Make the world go away
Was one thing you used to say?

Pick me up on memory lane
That's pretty much my domain
Golly gee! What have you done to me?
Check the checklist, I'm so happy
Watching the leaves fall to the ground
Floating softly down.

I am what you are
Eyes lock / hearts stops
I am what you are
Eyes lock / hearts stops
Girl & A Gun

Stephen Cummings

All you need to make a film is a girl and a gun
Cinema is truth, twenty-four frames a second
I'm in the business
Of crushing business
Goddard don't feel nostalgic for 1968
It wasn't that great
Every day he plays tennis
Or visits his psychiatrist
He says the battle is already lost
YEAH!the battle is already lost

A girl and a gun
A girl and a gun
A girl and a gun
A girl and a gun

When people ask him what he does
He says, "I make unsuccessful movies"
And that's how I feel too
About what it is I do
Every edit is a lie
Like a sniper on a roof who'll die
People don't start revolutions they open shops,
Sell Ramones and Breathless t-shirts
He says the battle is already lost
YEAH! the battle is already lost

A girl and a gun
A girl and a gun
A girl and a gun
A girl and a gun
Happy City

Stephen Cummings

Cries of joy rise from the city
Cries of joy and poverty
We are all free agents
Believe in product placements
Dip your hip
Fall down on one knee
Don't yell and scream
Be less needy

Happy city - everything seems so pretty

New day but it's like déjà vu
As I grow older, lost for what to do
It's not simple as one, two, three
Making the scene endlessly
Adrenalin is flowing
But where's it going
Down to the deep blue sea
To make a mess for you and me

Big city cut you down to size
If you look into my eyes
They'd be bright with fright
Almost any night
After the first kiss
It always end like this
Arguing endlessly
In this happy city
Great Stereo

Stephen Cummings

She's got a great stereo
You should hear that thing go
It's very impressive, like a machine
Like some wack-arse dream

I'm always disappointed at a party
Everybody looks like me
Without the feeling
Rocking and reeling
Had a breakdown when I was a kid
Can't remember what I did

You got a great stereo
I love it so
You got a great stereo

Sorry for stealing your chocolate cake
It was a dumb mistake
I am so stupid
Certainly not cupid

I heard you had some great pills
Life is filled with spills and chills
That make you go crazy
That wake you shake you baby

I am not sure
Why we came to this party for
Close my eyes and let the memories sink in
Meeting you was like listening
To Bo Diddley singing Pretty Thing
Kiss Me Honey

Stephen Cummings

I don't know where it all went wrong
But now the nights are much too long
It's like a dream that's come true
Dreaming is all that I do
Your eyes don't shine as before
And then it starts to pour
You're just like a falling star
You belong in a cinema

Kiss me honey

I don't know if you heard the news
But you've got me singing the blues
And I feel so cheated
This message will be repeated
I almost hit the ceiling
I got a bad feeling
When it gets to this
It's the goodbye kiss

Since the night when I was born
My heart has been torn
I don't mean in a silly way
I mean with the games grown-ups play
There's a hunger-for-younger
By my body is growing older & colder
Now you're neither here or there
You're everywhere
I'm Your Number One Fan

Stephen Cummings

He met her one evening last summer
At a scruffy bar in the city
And he'd been drinking and thinking
She looked like a singer in an Indy band

She met him one evening last summer
At a scruffy bar in the city
And she'd been drinking and thinking
He looked like a singer in an Indy band

They partied all last summer
Getting high and watching DVD's
They bought guitars -they were keen
To be heard and to be seen

Take me - I'm your number one fan
You gave birth to the man
I've become.

They practiced every night that summer
They jammed till dawn, getting stoned
It was a moment to savor
Recorded an album, it immediately found favor

He lived in East Brunswick & rode a bike
She finished her PhD on being a dyke
They became big on community radio
Both filled with an inner glow

He said he needed to rest
She became a brand strategist
She secretly copyrighted their songs
He thought love would be forever, he was wrong.

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