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MEDIA: Reviews: "Don't Throw Stones", The Sports

Don't Throw Stones - The Sports

by Michael Dwyer - Australian Rolling Stone, September 1997 (issue #539)

By virtue of their late '70s emergence and a deal with Stiff Records in Europe, the Sports were accidentally New Wave. But they were always too soulful and too capricious to join that club (or any) by choice. With new guitarist Martin Armiger, their second album Don't Throw Stones had some of punk's nervous energy but Stephen Cummings couldn't shake his R&B groove, nor Andrew Pendlebury his jazz/rockabilly bent. The divergent talents of the band's creative core would make for some of the most volatile swingin' pub rock of the era, and "Suspicious Minds", "Live, Work and Play", "Who Listens to the Radio?" and "Don't Throw Stones" were early warnings of a formidable knack for twisted pop songs.

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