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Will It Be Funny Tomorrow Billy? cover

Will It Be Funny Tomorrow Billy?

Misadventures in music

published by Hardie Grant - 2009

from the cover blurb:

Stephen Cummings was never going to make it through life unnoticed. Not with that voice, neuroses to rival Woody Allen's and songwriting chops that propelled him onto the world stage. His songs are part of Australia's soundscape and his antics are part of its music lore.

Will It Be Funny Tomorrow Billy? is Cummings' caustic collection of misadventures - of traipsing the streets of Melbourne looking for life, love and music; of being humiliated at a showcase gig on front of Mick Jagger in New York; of the Countdown days; of losing his virginity; of spectacular clashes with music industry suits; and of becoming a father and understanding his own parents.

Frank, insightful and often outrageous, Will It Be Funny Tomorrow, Billy? is the story of what could have been and what was, and of everything in between, from one of Australia's finest musicians and storytellers.


The 2014 film "Don't Throw Stones" is based on this book.

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