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Stay Away From Lightning Girl cover

Stay Away From Lightning Girl

published 6 August 1999 by Random House Australia

Once upon a time, Robert Moore, lead singer with the legendary Honey's, was front page news. Then when the band couldn't cut it in America, he faded into the kind of celebrity people recognise but can't put a name to. And now, having just been struck by a bolt of lightning meant for someone else, he's plain old dead. But if he can explain his life to Maigret, the Camel smoking, whisky drinking divine umpire of the afterlife... if he can explain about lightning girl and her sexy drugged-up sister, about love and failure and hurt and fear, and about a talking dog called Biscuit... if he can only tell the story of a heart in conflict with itself, he might just be allowed to return to the sweet melancholy that is life.

Sun Herald

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