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"Skeleton Key" - Stephen Cummings

3 October 2001 - Wminc Productions
Album cover
    Track listing:

  1. Skeleton Key
  2. Stellamare
  3. You Put A Pain On My Heart
  4. New Cosmic Blues
  5. Teardrops Will Fall Tonight
  6. No More Goodbye Songs
  7. Love Is Mighty Close To You
  8. Time Trip
  9. The Truth About Love
  10. Is It Me That You Love

    The album also includes an interactive component that is accessible on any computer with a CDROM drive and a web browser.

    You can download a mp3 file of "You Put A Pain On My Heart" on the mp3 page.

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Recorded and mixed by
Shane O'Mara

Recorded at
Yikesville and Woodstock

Woodstock session engineered by
Robin Mai

Mastered by Ross Cockle at Sing Sing

Michael Barker
drums, percussion
Rebecca Barnard
harmony vocals
Jeff Burstin
acoustic and 12 string guitar, mandolin
Garret Costigan
pedal steel guitar
Bruce Haymes
organ, Wurlitzer piano, Melotron
Peter Jones
Peter Luscombe
tambourine, shaker
Bill McDonald
bass guitar, drums, bells
Ross McLennan
harmony vocals
Shane O'Mara
acoustic, 12 string and electric guitar, drums
Ross Wilson
harmony vocals, harmonica

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