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"Don't Throw Stones" - The Sports

1979 - Mushroom D19476
Album cover
    Track Listing:

  1. Suspicious Minds
  2. Live Work & Play
  3. Don't Throw Stones
  4. Through The Window
  5. Who Listens To The Radio
  6. Tired Of Me
  7. Step By Step
  8. Worst Kind
  9. So Obvious
  10. Hit Single
  11. Terror Hits
  12. Big Sleep
Some vinyl releases featured a specially re-recorded bonus single of Reckless/Mailed It To Your Sister

Album review

Don't Throw Stones was listed at #51 in the 2010 book 100 Best Australian Albums

Produced by
Pete Solley
except 7 by Dave Robinson

Engineered by
Ian MacKenzie

Recorded at
Armstrongs, Nov '78

Mixed at
Sarm Studios, London, UK

Mastered at

Andrew Pendlebury
guitars, vocals
Stephen Cummings
Martin Armiger
guitars, vocals
Robert Glover
bass guitar
Paul Hitchins
James Niven
keyboards, vocals

Wilbur Wilde
M. Burns
Pete Solley
extra keyboards
G. Hyde

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