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"Tickety Boo" - Stephen Cummings

2 November 2009 - Head Records
album cover
    Track Listing:

  1. Now Here She Comes
  2. Tickety Boo
  3. Don't Use The Telephone
  4. Bob Hope: The Death Of Vaudeville & Television
  5. Eyes Lock: Heart Stops
  6. Girl & A Gun
  7. Happy City
  8. Great Stereo
  9. Kiss Me Honey
  10. I'm Your Number One Fan

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Billy Miller
guitars & most stuff

Stephen Cummings
6 & 12 string Gibson acoustics

Bill McDonald
bass & ears & years

John Anis

Billy Miller, Stephen Cummings & Pam Miller

Recorded and Mixed by
Billy Miller

Eddie Miller

Mastered by
Ross Cockle at Sing Sing

Dedicated to my mother Lorna who died 2009 and who I miss heaps

publicity blurb:

After several fine folksy acoustic outings, Stephen Cummings comes rarin' back with Tickety Boo a collection of catchy, electric guitar based pop/rock.

If you're a fan of Stephen's work with The Sports, check this out. Influenced in equal parts by The Kinks, The Move and Boz Scaggs, the songs are smart and hooky and are a mixture of alt-rock and lush pop. Cummings has made a return to garage rock. "Now Here She Comes" is a hit single!

Tickety Boo was produced by Billy Miller, known for his droll and quirky sound with The Ferrets. Miller's chiming guitar instills lustre to songs like "Happy City" and "Don't Use The Telephone". As usual, Cummings' voice is in top pop form, carving up the scatty title song as aptly as his ode to comedy legend Bob Hope "Bob Hope and the Death Of Vaudeville and Television" or his salute to French filmmaker Jean Luc Godard "Girl and A Gun".

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