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The Lovetown website is now able to present some complete Stephen Cummings songs in mp3 form.

"I Need You Tonight" is the opening track from Love-O-Meter.

"Satellite" was recorded during the Close Ups sessions but didn't make it on to the album. The original band version of this song appears on the Four Hours Sleep album More Of Her.

"One Sweet Day" is one of the Firecracker demos that never made it into the album recording sessions. Percussion on this is by Peter Luscombe and I think Jeff Burstin plays some guitar on it.

"I Want You To Want Me" is a studio outtake from Firecracker. Yes, the song appears on the album but this is a version which was discarded in favour of the beefed-up demo you may be more familiar with.

"The Keys To Her Heart" is the closing track from Firecracker. It features Peter Jones and Peter Luscombe (drums, percussion), Bill MacDonald (bass), Shane O'Mara (left side guitar), Chris Cheney (right side guitar) and Ross McLennan (farfisa).

"Love Is Crucial But Money, That's Everything" originally appeared on This Wonderful Life. This version is an acoustic re-recording from 2000 featuring Rebecca Barnard (vocals), Dan Luscombe (guitar) and Bruce Haymes (keyboards).

30 second sample Full length
Full length
October 2005

I Need You Tonight

Track taken from Love-O-Meter

not available 2.0 Mb 4.0 Mb Lyrics
July 2004


Close Ups outtake

not available 2.0 Mb 4.1 Mb Lyrics
December 2003

One Sweet Day

Firecracker demo

440 kb 1.5 Mb 3.1 Mb Lyrics
May 2003

I Want You To Want Me

Firecracker outtake

548 kb 1.7 Mb 3.5 Mb Lyrics
January 2003

The Keys To Her Heart

Track taken from Firecracker

502 kb 2.0 Mb 4.0 Mb Lyrics
November 2002

Love Is Crucial But Money, That's Everything

2000 acoustic re-recording

258 kb 2.3 Mb 4.6 Mb Lyrics

If you have the appropriate mp3 software, you may download and play the mp3 files featured here. These files are entire songs, not just sample excerpts.

Most operating systems now provide the ability to play mp3 files without requiring the installation of additional software.

These files are provided free of charge and you are encouraged to distribute them freely and widely. Charging for these files in any capacity (on websites, tape, CD etc) without the express permission of Stephen Cummings is not permitted.

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