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Stephen with dog (!) 1988: February (Juke)

1990: December - This is one of the best SC interviews I've read. The questions are intelligent and we get an answer to why he wrote and performed the jingle for the Medibank Private "I Feel Better" ads.

1992: August - This piece is a lighter discussion with Stephen. It's interesting to hear him naming his favourite songs.

1993: November - With Rollercoaster about to be released, Stephen does a Q&A session for the Sydney Morning Herald.

1994: July added June 1999

1994: September added June 1999

1996: April added June 1999

1997: November - an interview from Rhythms magazine

1997 - Stephen answers questions about his career, from The Sports right through to PPPPP&K.

1999: August - Stephen explains the origin of the title Spiritual Bum and what he's been listening to lately. added October 1999

2001: November - an audio-only interview on the Howlspace website added December 2001

2003 - David Graney asks Stephen about the recording of Firecracker added May 2003

February 2003 - Chris Beck interviews Stephen for The Age added November 2003

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