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100 Years From Now May 2023 The forthcoming album.
A Life Is A Life April 2019 The multi-disc solo career compilation.
Prisoner Of Love February 2019 --
Nothing To Be Frightened Of August 2014 --

Reverse Psychology 2012 "He makes music for people who pay attention beyond the first ad break." - Sydney Morning Herald
Good Bones 2010 A follow-up to "Close Ups", another album of acoustic recordings of songs from across his career.

Tickety Boo 2009 A pop album produced by Billy Miller.

Available direct from Stephen via Also available on iTunes.

Happiest Man Alive 2008 Available direct from Stephen via

"This is a particular type of soul music, a blend of Texas and Melbourne. It's class all the way too." - Sydney Morning Herald

That's My Cave Man 2008 Collected rarities and obscurities.
Space Travel 2007 Available direct from Stephen via

"everything here has a spring in its step" - The Australian

Love-O-Meter 2005 A song cycle.

"All told, it's quite adventurous and one of his strongest albums." - The Age

Close Ups 2004 Stephen puts a fresh acoustic spin on some old songs.

"Sometimes a close up reveals the wrinkles, the lines and the aging but in this case the picture is flawless. " - dig Internet Radio

Live At The Big Room 2003 Available direct from Stephen via

An acoustic set with Shane O'Mara, recorded at Byron Bay, Easter 2002. Previously released as the "Live 2002" bonus disc shipped with pre-orders of "Firecracker". Re-issued as "Live at Red Devil Fields" in 2009.

Firecracker 2003 The new rockabilly-influenced album.

"A complete genre busting masterpiece in my opinion." - David Graney

Skeleton Key 2001 Ten instantly memorable pop songs.

"Truly a performer at the height of his considerable powers" - The Age

Spiritual Bum 1999 An album for those who love the combination of Stephen's voice and an acoustic guitar.

"These are a dozen songs that will haunt you long after the passing parade of pop has moved on" - Juice magazine

Puppet Pauper Pirate Poet Pawn and King 1997 A compilation disc of songs from Lovetown through to Escapist, with the added bonus of three new songs.

"If the world were a fair place and artists were rewarded in accordance with their abilities, Stephen Cummings would be a rich and famous man." - Sydney Morning Herald CitySearch

Escapist 1996 Cummings albums are like some sort of artistic showbag: some fully-realised gems scattered amongst all sorts of interesting musical or lyrical ideas. This one has all the atmospherics of its predecessor, but it doesn't have the same overall sparkle despite a few great songs.

"If George Michael wants to make a captivating adult record, all he need do is listen to Stephen Cummings" - TV Week

Falling Swinger 1994 Steve Kilbey (of The Church) handles production duties and the mature and assured result is amongst the finest in the Cummings catalogue.

"...this is the best album Stephen Cummings has ever made. It's also the best local album of 1994" - Sydney Morning Herald

Rollercoaster 1993 A compilation of track from his days with "Sports" right through his solo career, this also featured some new songs.
Unguided Tour 1992 Recorded "live in the studio" within a week, Cummings restrains some of the ambitions exhibited on "Good Humour". It works beautifully.

"Unguided Tour is a very special album" - Rolling Stone

Good Humour 1991 An eclectic mix of dance based tracks and acoustic magic. "Hell" was a minor hit and "Blue Hour" was bliss, but the album soon vanished.

"Cummings has the very rare ability to sing quietly, with passion, and here he has the space to do so" - Rolling Stone

A New Kind Of Blue 1989 A gem of acoustic based pop (it's my favourite). Although honoured with an ARIA award, the album again failed to turn him into a household name.

"a record for our times" - Rolling Stone

Lovetown 1988 Walking the border between acoustic and gloss-production pop, everything about this album is perfectly judged. Critically acclaimed upon it's release, it remains one of the finest Australian pop albums. In Australian Rolling Stone's list of the top 100 albums of the 80s, Lovetown was listed at #38.

"This is pop, it's rare and it should be treasured" - RAM

This Wonderful Life 1986 Restraint is exercised, Cummings finds his voice and things are starting to look promising...

"modern, sophisticated, intelligent and passionate" - Rolling Stone

Senso 1984 With the hit single "Gymnasium", his solo career opened with a bang. Now, that song very much sounds a product of its time, but there were flashes of hope on the album.

"one of those rare records which reveals new depths and new delights with each spin" - Rolling Stone

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